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The second “CMS Educational Talk Series” was successfully held at Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School on May 26, subsequent to the success of the first educational talk conducted at the Sacred Heart Canossian College English Section in March this year.

Dr. Henry Lei, the Associate Head of Department of Finance and Business Economics of FBA, joined the CMS team again as the invited guest speaker for this seminar. More than 90 students from Form 5 of the school attended the seminar. Dr. Lei shared his insightful analysis on the Greater Bay Area (GBA) as well as the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone, and shared his point of view about the moderate economic diversification of Macao in detail. The students agreed that the educational talk was rich in content and pretty relevant to the actual situation of this region. Many of them actively participated in the Q&A session.

In addition, the school principal of Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School also attended the educational talk. According to Principal Lao, this seminar can bring the concern to the students about the future development of Macao which is closely related to the “Greater Bay Area” and the “Hengqin Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone”. The future of Macao is exactly the future of the students. All the young kids should increase their own value of life by looking for the proper directions for their future studies and career development, and hence giving back to the Macao society as the ultimate goal. Principal Lao believes that when they are planning the student education programs, seminars and any activities, they have pay attention to the needs of students’ whole-person development. With such core, the students can understand more about their multiple intelligence, to pursue peace and to become supporters and contributors to the society. The researches which have been carried out by many of our former scholars in Macao have assisted the students to grow higher and farther on the giants’ shoulders.

Attached some pictures which show the highlights of the second CMS Educational Talk at Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School.