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To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Tung Sin Tong, the University of Macau (UM) Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) and Tung Sin Tong today (7 October) held the Commemorative Conference on the 130th Anniversary of Tung Sin Tong. During the event, experts and scholars presented their research results on the history of Tung Sin Tong and philanthropy services in Macao. Through this activity, the organisers hoped to promote the philanthropic philosophy of Tung Sin Tong and the traditional Chinese virtue of helping those in need. The event attracted over 170 participants from different sectors of society.

Tung Sin Tong President Chui Sai Peng said that the organisation has been providing charity services to the poor and giving medicine to the sick since its establishment 130 years ago, adding that the services have been improved and expanded continuously over the years.

UM Vice Rector Mok Kai Meng said that studying the history of Tung Sin Tong is not only a study of the history of Macao’s social development, but also a study of the history of social services in the city as well as the development of Chinese philanthropic culture. He added that the research results would be published by the CMS in Journal of Macau Studies.

UM and Tung Sin Tong hold a conference to explore the Chinese philanthropic tradition

Chui Sai Peng

Mok Kai Meng

A group photo