2020-12-02T10:13:43+08:002020-01-15|News and Press Releases|

The University of Macau’s (UM) Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) and Department of Economics today announced the completion of the first phase of the Macao Economic Database Project. The project aims to create a comprehensive database that includes all the major economic indicators of Macao. It is expected to help researchers, students, and the public to better understand Macao’s economic and social development to enable them to take more effective actions that will raise the quality of life of Macao residents.

The old data from the Statistics and Census Service and the Monetary Authority of Macao as well as major economic digests published by private institutions have been converted into an easy-to-search format and have become part of UM Library’s database for public use.

The current database includes 15 sections: (1) population, (2) welfare, (3) education, (4) construction, (6) energy, (7) consumption, (8) prices, (9) government budgets, (10) tourism, (11) monetary sector, (12) banking, (13) transport, (14) labour, and (15) foreign trade.

The CMS will continue to collect data from other sources, including official documents, academic articles, books, newspapers, and magazines, in order to perfect the Macao Economic Database.

For more information about the database project, please visit https://cms.um.edu.mo/macao-economic-database/