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The Annual Conference of Macao Studies 2022, co-organized by the CMS, the Macao Foundation, the local academic journal Journal of Macau Studies, and two SSCI journals, namely Journal of Contemporary Asia and China Information, has been held on 28-29 Nov 2022. The conference gathered experts from all over the world to share results of Macao studies and contribute insights, providing a fertile ground for the cultivation of local research talent.

Prof. Geoffrey Gunn (Nagasaki University), delivered the keynote speech titled “Tracking New Trends in Macau Studies Since 1999”. The speech argued that Macau Studies or knowledge production in Macau has been able to reinvent itself several times since 1999 or even earlier as consequence of a changing set of developments. Some of these are technical, and some institutional. Still others owe to global trends in scholarship and shifting disciplinary concerns. And yet still others with respect to geo-economics, geo-politics, and scalar politics when it comes to connecting with Hengqin and the Greater Bay Area. The speech set down some of these developments, flagging certain examples, making some evaluations, but also with an eye to the past because scholarship is mostly incremental where it is not highly innovative and/or revisionist.