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The “Educational Talk Series” initated by the Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) of the University of Macau has successfully held the sixth seminar at Escola Tong Nam on March 19, 2024. The guest speaker of this lecture is Dr. Danny Leong Chi Man, who is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of the Center. The topic of the current Educational Talk is “Sharing about Stories of Macau Scientific Research: Exploration on Ecological Environment and Biodiversity”. During the lecture, Dr. Leong introduced the value of insects to the ecosystem, the discovery and naming of the tiny ants in Macao, selection as one of the world’s fifteen emergin explorers by the National Geographic Society in 2021, obtainging some national R&D patents and launch of the ecological projects carried out in the Greater Bay Area to the students. More than 380 teachers and students from the secondary section of Escola Tong Nam attended the seminar. After the lecture, students kepy on their exchange with Dr. Leong regrading different questions about his scientific research projects and exploration of natural ecosystems, and both parties interacted with each other actively.