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The “Educational Talk Series” launched by the Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) of the University of Macau has successfully held the fourth lecture at Escola Tong Sin Tong on March 13, 2023. The guest speaker of this lecture is Dr. Danny Leong Chi Man, who is an Adjunct Lecturer of the Center. The topic of the current Educational Talk is “Using insect diversity to build a health assessment of Macao’s terrestrial ecosystem”. During the lecture, Dr. Leong introduced the value of insects to the ecosystem, the discovery of the tiny ants in Macao, and the ecological projects carried out in the Greater Bay Area to the secondary students of the school. In addition, Dr. Leong also shared his experience of becoming an entomologist in Macao, as well as his adventure stories of conducting insect research around the world. The school principal, teachers and students agreed that the lecture was very inspiring, especially Dr. Leong, who broke through difficulties through his own perseverance and finally became an entomologist. More than 100 teachers and students from the school attended the talk.

The school principal of Escola Tong Sin Tong, Wong Tak Chon, believes that the current students are lucky to be in the great era of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. By means of science and technology improvement that can realize the modernization of China. The country attaches great importance to science and technology. Relevant lectures can strengthen students’ interest in popular science. Principal Wong mentions that since the beginning of its establishment, Tung Sin Tong has been a charitable organization that loves the country and Macao. It has always made contributions in the historical process of the Anti-Japanese War, the founding of New People Republic of China, and the handover of Macao to the Motherland. He hopes that students can inherit the fine traditions of Chinese culture. Principal mentions that the spirit motto of Tung Sin Tong is “helping the world with one heart and spreading charitable spirit to everyone around”. In sum, it is very important for the student to cultivate the spirit of love the country and Macao, and love science. He encourages all students to become a useful person and contribute to the Macao society and China.