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Research on the Middle-Class Mass Housing (MCMH) in Macao

The Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) of the University of Macau is participating in a research project on “Middle-Class Mass Housing in Macao” (website: https://mcmh.eu/) led by the ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon. The goal of this project is to conduct a large-scale research and carry out a comparative analysis of Middle-Class Mass Housing (MCMH) in different regions of the world. Five regions have been selected for the study, namely Lisbon, Luanda, Milan, Antwerp and Macao. This project will provide important insights on the housing policies at both the local and international levels.

As for the MCMH case study in Macao, the research team would like to invite you for an interview. The interview will be conducted between December 2020 and February 2021. The purpose of the interview is to understand your perception of the living environment, community facilities and neighbourhood interactions.