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This book is the first volume of the “An Oral History of Macau in the Pre-handover Era”. Based on a combination of “people’s history” and “event history”, the book reviews the key events that happened in Macao during the twenty years from the Portuguese ruling to the handover of sovereignty to China. The book is named “Frontline of Change” because the interviewees were all frontline workers involved inthe handover process. Each of the seven interviewees (LEI Heong Iok, WANG Xian, LOK Wai Kin, ZHAO Guoqiang, IEONG Wan Chong, LIU Chak Wan, CHUI Sai Cheong) has a unique personal experience, and their recollections not only reflect the characteristics of their times, but also represent an important page in Macau’s History.

Editor: Prof. Agnes, LAM Iok Fong (Au. & Ed.)

Publication Date: December 2020

Publisher: City University of Hong Kong Press

ISBN: 978-962-937-572-0