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In order to provide timely updates on Macao studies, and to understand the insightful opinions of scholars from everywhere regarding current status and future judgment of Macao, the Centre for Macau Studies of the University of Macau has decided to publish the Macao Studies Bulletin starting from July 2020. The core mission of the Centre is “to pursue research on Macau society from the standpoint of Macau itself, for serving the long-term stability, prosperity and development of Macau”. The newly published Macao Studies Bulletin may provide a sound platform to share the outcome of wisdom generated from all fields of scholars and experts related to Macao or Macao studies, and to contribute to the local society with the academic achievement.

Macao Studies Bulletin will be issued on a quarterly basis in both Chinese and English. The content will include reports on the latest academic achievements locally and globally. In addition, Macao Studies Bulletin will share various suggestions provided by scholars on Macao’s public policies and social development. It can be conveniently subscribed by email, or viewed at the website of the Centre for Macau Studies.

Please click the link to download: https://cms.um.edu.mo/publication/macao-studies-bulletin/