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Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) is a special academic unit directly under the University Management Board (UMB). Institute of Macau Studies (predecessor of CMS) was first founded by our former Rector, Professor Paul Ta-Kuang Lin, in 1st June, 1987. Soon afterwards in 1988, the Macau Foundation of Macau Government acquired the university and the Centre was renamed as “Centre for Macau Studies” since then. The objective of the Centre is “to pursuit research on Macau society from the standpoint of Macau itself, for serving the development of Macau”. For most of the years, Rectors of UMAC acted as the directors for the Centre, while Mr Wong Han Keung was the vice-director before 2001.Dr Ieong Wan Chong was appointed as acting-director to the centre from 2002 to 2008 and FSS Dean Prof. Hao as acting-director. Since July 2017, Agnes Iok Fong Lam, FSS Associate Professor, was appointed as acting-director of Centre for Macau Studies, and appointed as Director of CMS since August 2018.

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