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The Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) of University of Macau has coordinated the publication of the Journal of Contemporary Asia (JCA) which has an impactor factor of 3.261 in 2021 SSCI journal citation report, ranking it at the third position in the category of Area Studies.

The Journal of Contemporary Asia (JCA) is a truly world-class journal that publishes cutting-edge research on contemporary political economy of the Asian region. The journal has been based in CMS since 2018. Several adjunct professors of CMS are at the editing-team of that world-class journal. In 2017, its impactor factor was 1.141 and has been ranked No.7 in the category of area studies. It has escalated four places in the past four years.

China Information is another SSCI journal hosted by CMS. The journal publishes timely and in-depth research on contemporary China. The high quality of its articles is reflected in the fact that one of its recent articles (authored by Florence Mok in vol. 33, no. 1) has won the best article prize at the 12th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 12) held in Kyoto this year. China Information has been based in CMS since 2011. Its 2021 Impact Factor is 1.676, ranking No.23 in the world at the category of area studies.

Talking about this publication profile , the Director of CMS, Prof. Agnes Lam, , said that the SSCI journals that the center is responsible for have accomplished outstanding achievement and this plays a significant role in the research fields of Macao, China and Asia. She believes that it can contribute to the international reputation and ranking of the University of Macau. At present, the University publishes more SSCI international journals than any universities in the Greater China region. It is believed that it can help enhance the reputation of the University of Macau in social sciences and area studies.

At present, CMS is coordinating the publication works for the Journal of Macau Studies (JMS) and the Review of Culture (RC). The Journal of Macau Studies is a comprehensive academic quarterly journal launched by Center for Macau Studies of University of Macau since 1988, and cooperated to publish with Macao Foundation since 1992, which aims “to pursue research on Macao society from the standpoint of Macao itself, for serving the development of Macau”. In retrospect to the past 30 years, JMS has published more than 90 issues, approximately 2,000 research articles related to Macao. Journal of Macau Studies (JMS) is the leading journal of its kind in the world. It is a refereed journal that promotes original, multi-disciplinary research on Macao.

The Review of Culture is published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Macao SAR, and CMS is responsible for the editing and publishing affairs.  It is a magazine covering an extensive range of topics, namely history and culture, which publishes in two versions ­– Chinese and International (Portuguese/English) respectively. The Review of Culture seeks to promote freedom of expression and stimulate ideas and discussions of topics related to Western & Eastern Cultural Interchange.

The Journal of Contemporary Asia (JCA)

China Information

The Journal of Macau Studies (JMS)

Review of Culture (RC)