Time Period Project Name
2018澳門居民媒介使用研究 Media Usage Study 2018
澳門經濟預測 Macau Economy Forecast 2018
口述歷史: 澳門特別行政區之歷史 Oral History: The History of Macau SAR
澳門健康項目干預研究 The Intervention Study on the Healthy Macau Project
澳門特區公共服務素質評 價 2017-2019 Evaluation of Public Services Capability in Macau SAR (2017-2019)
澳門基金會公眾形象及認知民意調查 Images and Cognitions of Macao Foundation
2017澳門居民媒介使用研究 Media Usage Study 2017
澳門婦女發展目標”第二階段深化研究服務 Macau Women Development Goals: Second Phrase Further Research Studies
2016澳門居民媒介使用研究 Media Usage Study 2016
婦女發展目標 Women Development Goals Studies
文化產業人力資源調查第二階段研究 Culture Industry Human Resources Research Second Phase
2015澳門居民媒介使用研究 Media Usage Study 2015
澳門電影錄像及相關行業狀況調查 Research Proposal about the status of Macau Movies, Videos and related Industry
澳門家犬及流浪犬族群數目調查 Research on the number of pet dogs and stray dogs in Macau
澳門家庭友善政策研究 Research on Family-Friendly Policies in Macau 2014
完善社會房屋制度研究 Research on Comprehensive Social Housing System
居雅大廈經濟房屋住戶調查 Economic Housing Owner Satisfaction and Suggestion Edifício Koi Nga
長者房屋政策研究 The Housing Policy for Elderly