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Journal of Macau Studies

“Journal of Macau Studies” is a comprehensive academic journal with an objective of “Studying Macau and Committing to the Society”. It acts as a platform for the exchange of ideas related to Macau through sharing of papers, articles and information. It is edited and published in the cooperation of CMS and Macau Foundation and Dr. Wu Zhiliang and Prof. Agnes Lam are the editor-in-chief. “Journal of Macau Studies” was first published to the public in 1988. Nevertheless, in December 1999, it ceased publication after 13 issues and it was not until September 2002 that the quarterly journal was reissued. From 2004 onwards, “Journal of Macau Studies” was reformed to a bimonthly academic journal, meanwhile, aiming to provide a better space area for scholars, researchers and peers of all kinds to share their fruitful research results and thinking so as to let new ideas sparkle and to arouse new inspiration, by which hopefully devote to the development of academic researchers in Macau SAR.