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In the past three decades, CMS has developed its function as a policy think-tank for Macau to fulfill its founding mission, “to pursue research on Macau society from the standpoint of Macau itself, for serving the development of Macau.” Now, with the national Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area (Greater Bay Area) development, Macau is entering the new phase of its history. Macau’s future growth will have a closer relationship with the country. In line with this vision, CMS takes this chance to re-position itself as a leading Centre of interdisciplinary research on Macao and the Greater China region.

CMS seeks to become a leading centre of research on Macao and the Greater China region. It undertakes academic and policy research activities which contribute to knowledge and social impact. By engaging in innovative and pioneering research, the Centre aims to achieve academic excellence without losing sight of the practical implications of research inquiries on the sustainable development of Macao and the Greater China region.

For centuries Macao has been playing a unique role in East-West encounters. Macao was the first and last European colony on the Chinese soil. Situated at the Pearl River Delta, Macao served as a major port in the maritime Silk Road for over four centuries. Today the trading post has been replaced by international tourism and gaming. It is a Special Administrative Region under Chinese sovereignty that hosts the world’s largest gaming industry, spearheads the development of the Greater Bay Area, and involves actively in the One Belt One Road initiative. 

The centuries-long interaction between Western and Eastern traditions has left Macao with a unique blend of cultural diversity and hybridity. This rich dynamism and intellectual complexity have remained under-represented in the dominant scholarship. It is the vision of CMS to bring Macao studies to the forefront of global scholarship. Through the development of distinctive research approach and programmes, the Centre sets to achieve the following aims:

  • Engage in interdisciplinary and comparative research on theories and practices of the development of Macao and its role in Asia and the world;
  • Stimulate research collaboration between local and foreign scholars in the study of Macao;
  • Serve as a forum of exchange among government regulators, politicians, entrepreneurs, civic organizations, and academics in major areas of social concern;
  • Offer consultancy and policy research advice commissioned by governmental and public bodies.

In retrospect to the past 30 years, we actively launched research projects and academic activities to meet the development needs of Macau, ranging from monographic study, social surveys, and academic conferences to seminars. Besides, we also helped in the editorial work of “Journal for Macau Studies”, numerous publications and writings. Also, we vigorously exchange ideas and cooperate with peers on researches.